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Dao cắt sợi quang SHIPUCO SPC60S


Product Name: Optical Fiber Cleaver【Special for Cold Splicing】
Product Id:  SPC-60S


Product Category: Fiber Optic Tools - Fiber Cleaver
Color: Black/Orange


The optical fiber cutter is used to cut the optical fiber as thin as a hair. After the cut optical fiber is magnified hundreds of times, it is
still flat when observed, and then it can be spliced ​​by discharge.
The material of the optical fiber is generally quartz, so there are requirements for the blade material of the optical fiber cleaver.
Applicable optical fiber: single-core or multi-core silica bare optical fiber; applicable optical fiber cladding: 100-150um diameter.



Please read the manual carefully before installation or operate under the guidance of a technician.
This product comes with a manual.



Operation method:
Use fiber stripping pliers to remove the surface coating, reserve about 30-40mm, wrap the fiber with absorbent cotton dipped in alcohol, and then wipe the fiber clean.
Put it into the fiber slot and cut the fiber.
Note that the section of the optical fiber after cutting should be very careful not to touch any objects, otherwise, the cutting effect will be affected.


Maintenance method:
If fiber cutting occurs, the knife point can be raised.
If the cut end surface is not smooth, you can change a knife point.

Blade service life:
Generally, a blade has 12 points, and each point can be used 1000-2000 times.





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